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Anshan solenoid valve Co., Ltd. (General Plant)

Address: Industrial Park, Xing Long Office, Xiuyan Town, Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County, Anshan, Liaoning.

Zip code: 114300

Sales Department Tel: (0412) 7824018/7822962

Fax: (0412) 7825018

Nuclear power office telephone: (0412) 7867160

Fax: (0412) 7867160

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Anshan Solenoid Valve Co., Ltd., formerly known as Dandong Solenoid Valve Factory, is headquartered in Xiuyan County Town, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, which is a famous home of jade both at home and abroad. It covers an area of about 36,000_and a building area of about 26,000_. The company's R&D center is located in Qianshi Industrial Park, Jinzhou District, Dalian City, covering an area of about 28,000_and a building area. About 26000. The company is a solenoid valve manufacturer with a long history, complete product varieties and specifications, advanced technology, perfect calibration and testing means, and strong R&D strength. It has developed a series of advanced control valve products such as electric valves, pneumatic valves, marine valves, control valves and so on. Founded in 40s and began producing solenoid valves in 1965, it is a long history enterprise in China's solenoid valve industry.

The company is a member unit of the Automation Instrument Branch of China Instrument and Instrument Industry Association, a standing member of the Executive Professional Association, a joint venture of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, a high-tech enterprise of Liaoning Province, a provincial enterprise technology center of Liaoning Province, a pilot base of China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute, and its products have won famous brand products in Liaoning Province. Product title. The company has a production license for explosion-proof products, a safety label certificate for mining products, and a production license for pressure pipeline components. The technology import project introduced the solenoid valve design and manufacturing technology of HERION company in Germany.

The company operates ISO 9001 quality management system, GJB9001B military product quality system, and quality assurance system for design and manufacture of solenoid valves for nuclear power plants. The company's Research Institute is the solenoid valve research institute approved by the former Ministry of Machinery Industry in 1978. Over the years, it has undertaken the main scientific research and scientific and technological research tasks of the solenoid valve industry in China. It is the drafting unit of the solenoid valve product industry standard in China and the drafting unit of the National Safety Standard for solenoid valve products. It is drafting the Nuclear Power Plant. Safety qualification test rules for solenoid valves.

The company has a high degree of digitalization of forging, welding, heat treatment, all kinds of mechanical processing, electromagnet manufacturing and other leading technology means.

The company has a large-scale, full-featured and advanced product calibration and testing system with mechanical laboratory, chemical laboratory, electrical laboratory, non-destructive testing laboratory, metering room, high temperature and high pressure laboratory in the same industry in China. It also has vacuum, atmospheric pressure, medium pressure and high pressure levels of normal temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. The experimental method can carry out the test of the four media of water, gas, oil and steam.

The company's products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, aerospace, military industry, ships, electric power, nuclear power, nuclear chemical industry and equipment manufacturing, and many other industries. They are sold all over the country and exported to more than 30 countries and regions. They have successively launched for a number of national key military projects, communications satellite projects and launch vehicles on land, on water and underwater. Chairman Mao Memorial Hall Project, Large Power Station, 5 million tons of oil refining, Three Gorges Project, Olympic Project and other key construction projects have provided high-quality products, which have been praised by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council, the Central Military Commission, the National Defense Science and Technology Commission and other relevant departments for many times.

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