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Anshan solenoid valve Co., Ltd. (General Plant)

Address: Industrial Park, Xing Long Office, Xiuyan Town, Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County, Anshan, Liaoning.

Zip code: 114300

Sales Department Tel: (0412) 7824018/7822962

Fax: (0412) 7825018

Nuclear power office telephone: (0412) 7867160

Fax: (0412) 7867160

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The company's development vision: to build and form the leading sheep and production base of China's solenoid valve industry, to create a new benchmark for the control valve industry;

The mission of the company is to make the company bigger and stronger, and contribute to the development of China's solenoid valve industry. Create more wealth for shareholders and employees, strive to maximize shareholders'investment returns, and become a stage for employees to create self-worth;

The company's core values: grasp and apply natural science knowledge to serve the human society; study and use social science knowledge to change our thinking consciousness. Honesty and honesty, enthusiasm and frankness, positive progress, not shooting difficulties, courage to meet challenges, perseverance, production of trustworthy products, to be trustworthy people;

The company's goal is to devote itself to the research and manufacture of solenoid valves and control valves with full enthusiasm and wisdom, to serve the society, and to contribute to the development of human society in the field of automatic control.

The company's strategic policy is to take the high-end and produce the best products.

The company's business philosophy: all rely on employees, all for employees. Thanksgiving users, thankful society, with diligence and wisdom, professional and outstanding, wholeheartedly serve the society, in return for society;

The team spirit of the company: to establish a high-quality, efficient and stable competitive team with common aspirations and rigorous organization.

The image of the company is like an army, family, school.

The company's quality policy: focusing on the market, focusing on quality, tracking the international advanced level, creating domestic first-class products to meet customer needs;

The company's nuclear products policy: safety first! Quality first!