• ZHPC High pressure cage control valve

    ZHPC Hig

    ZHPC high pressure cage regulator is one of Cv3000 series products. It...
  • ZHPS High voltage single seat regulating valve

    ZHPS Hig

    ZHPS high-pressure single-seat regulating valve is one of Cv3000 serie...
  • ZJDP Small-caliber single-seat control valve

    ZJDP Sma

    ZJDP small caliber single seat regulating valve is a single plunger ty...
  • ZSHTVR.Y pneumatic V ball valve


    Pneumatic v-type ball valves are composed of pneumatic horizontal pist...
  • ZDLJP-B electric precision small single seat heat insulation jacket adjusting valve


    ZDLJP-B electric fine single-seat heat preservation jacket control val...
  • ZJHT pneumatic diaphragm control valve

    ZJHT pne

    The pneumatic diaphragm control valve system is composed of two parts:...
  • ZJHSL-320 pneumatic high pressure angle regulating valve


    ZJHSL Pneumatic High Pressure Angular Regulating Valve is a special va...
  • ZDLJP electric precision small single seat regulating valve

    ZDLJP el

    ZDLJP type electric single seat control valve is composed of small ele...


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Anshan Solenoid Valve Co., Ltd., formerly known as Dandong Solenoid Valve Factory, is headquartered in Xiuyan County Town, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, which is a famous home of jade both at home and abroad. It covers an area of about 36,000_and a building area of about 26,000_. The company's R&D center is located in Qianshi Industrial Park, Jinzhou District, Dalian City, covering an area of about 28,000_and a building area. About 26000. The company is a solenoid valve manufacturer with a long history, complete product varieties and specifications, advanced technological means, the most perfect calibration and testing means, and strong R&D strength. It has also developed a series of advanced control valve products such as electric valves, pneumatic valves, marine valves, control valves and so on. Founded in the 1940s, in 1965 began to produce solenoid valves, solenoid valves industry in China has the longest history of enterprises...