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Domestic solenoid valve manufacturers are lack of innovation.

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Domestic solenoid valve manufacturers are lack of innovation.

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At present, the overall innovation ability of domestic solenoid valve manufacturers is not particularly high, leading to the slow development of the entire solenoid valve industry, although there are many advanced technology imported by solenoid valve manufacturers and few innovations. When overseas customers visit China's heavy industry projects, such as petrochemical, electric power, etc., they find that the solenoid valve products of many projects have only changed on the basis of other people's design prototypes. At present, the design level of solenoid valve industry in China is not high. Although the domestic backbone manufacturers have certain research and development conditions, most of the research and development centers of solenoid valve manufacturers are limited by personnel and facilities, lack of sufficient investment, research and development and technical service capabilities are relatively closed.

Compared with developed countries, the design level of domestic solenoid valves is far behind. Although domestic solenoid valve manufacturers have modern equipment, they can realize automatic operation, and even make some western manufacturers dwarf. However, some solenoid valve manufacturers have poor casting equipment. In the casting of composite materials, copper, aluminum, iron, steel, and other solenoid valve products, casting technology is backward, resulting in serious waste of resources.

Most solenoid valve manufacturers can not independently carry out effective analysis of the anti-seismic of solenoid valves. These manufacturers have to entrust design institutes to carry out anti-seismic analysis. Only individual manufacturers have a relatively complete grasp of the stress calculation and anti-seismic analysis of solenoid valves, fatigue analysis of solenoid valves and anti-shock analysis, which to some extent restrict domestic factories. Enhance the level of R & D capability.

The cooperation between industry, University and research institutes in China is relatively low, and the technology content of products independently developed is relatively low. Although some colleges and universities and research and design institutes have specialties, departments and rooms to carry out the research of solenoid valve technology, they only put forward technical requirements for the function and characteristics of solenoid valve in the whole device, and do not launch the design system of solenoid valve products. The research and development of manufacturing technology, even if there are design drawings, is often lack of technicality, which is incompatible with the actual operation. Some of the key reasons are the lack of practical verification means, which lead to the low overall technical level of domestic solenoid valve products.

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