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ZDLJP electric precision small single seat regulating valve

ZDLJP electric precision small single seat regulating valve


ZDLJP type electric single seat control valve is composed of small electric actuator and fine adjusting mechanism of small single seat assembly, which has the original fine small single seat valve of small size and light weight, large flow, flow resistance small, also has acceptable signal, process flow, pressure and temperature parameters the process of self media Dynamic adjustment.

Specification model


Main technical parameters and performance indicators

Main technical parameters of adjusting mechanism


Note: ANSI, JPI, JIS flange products can be provided for users, and the flange distance is determined according to user needs.

Inherent flow characteristic curve

Main technical parameters of electric actuator


Note: detailed technical parameters refer to their product selection information.

Performance index


Note: Standard V type tetrafluoroethylene packing is adopted.

Electric actuator configuration and allowable pressure difference Delta P


Note: Delta P determines the basis: the flow direction is low rise and high, and the valve closes P2=0.

Shape size


Note: weight PN64 ordinary upper valve cover.

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