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Industrial explosion-proof solenoid valve

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Industrial explosion-proof solenoid valve

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Product name

Versatility, sensitivity, tightness, safety, long life)


Explosion proof sign: EXdll CT5


technical parameter


The working temperature of the coil is <+50 C and <+85 C.

Control mode: normally open (power on off, manual open); normally closed (energized open, automatic reset).

International standard voltage: AC220V, DC24V

Circulation fluid medium: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, methane, gas and so on.

Flow fluid temperature: < 40 C, <+60 C, <+1 20 C

Flow fluid pressure: 0.5bar, 1bar, 2bar, 6bar, 10bar, 16bar

Valve body material: stainless steel (304, 316), cast iron body HT250 (internal structure is made of stainless steel).

Connections: flange, thread

Closing time: within 3 seconds.

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