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ZCLF15-100 series 2/2 normal temperature and pressure solenoid valve

ZCLF15-100 series 2/2 normal temperature and pressure solenoid valve



     ZCLF series solenoid valve is a step-by-step direct-acting two-position two-way solenoid valve for on-off control of industrial pipelines for liquid and gaseous neutral fluid media.

main feature

1. Step-by-step linear structure with reliable performance.

2, ZCLF65-100 is equipped with a self-locking device, which can realize the instantaneous power on/off valve.

3, ZCLF65-100 can be distributed control box to achieve on-site and remote control.


Main technical performance

1. Applicable medium: gaseous and liquid neutral fluid medium (viscosity ≤25mm2/S)

2. Medium temperature: -20~+60°C

3, the ambient temperature: -30 ~ +60 ° C

4, dirt medium: the use of filters

5, power supply voltage: DN15-50 AC220V DN65-100 open valve voltage: DC220V shut off valve voltage: AC220V

6. Power: DN15-50 30VA~80VA DN65-100 Open valve: 2300W Close valve: 500VA

7, protection level: IP54




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