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Troubleshooting of explosion proof solenoid valve

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Troubleshooting of explosion proof solenoid valve

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Explosion proof solenoid valve does not work after power on.

Check whether power wiring is bad, re wiring and connector connection.

Check whether the supply voltage is within the range of + - to normal location.

Whether the coil is removed or re welded

Coil short circuit to replace coil

Is the working pressure difference inappropriate? Adjust the differential pressure to replace the equivalent solenoid valve.

The fluid temperature is too high to replace the proportionate solenoid valve.

The main valve core and moving iron core of solenoid valve are stuck by impurities cleaned. If the seal is damaged, the seal should be replaced and the filter installed.

The viscosity of the liquid is too high, the frequency is too high, and the life has arrived.

The explosion-proof solenoid valve can not be closed.

Seal of main spool or iron core has been damaged. Replace seal.

If the fluid temperature and viscosity are too high, replace the counterpart solenoid valves.

The impurity enters the electromagnetic valve to produce the valve core or the moving iron core.

The life of springs has arrived or deformed to replace.

Throttle hole balance hole clogging and timely cleaning

Working frequency is too high or life expectancy has changed.

Explosion proof solenoid valve

Internal leakage to check whether the seal is damaged, and whether the spring is assembled badly.

Leakage: connect loosening or seal is broken. Tighten screws or replace seals.

There is noise when power is switched on, and the fastener on the head is loose and tightened. Voltage fluctuation is not within the allowable range, adjust the voltage. Clean or replace the impurities or uneven surfaces of the core.

Explosion-proof solenoid valves

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