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ZJHSL-320 pneumatic high pressure angle regulating valve

ZJHSL-320 pneumatic high pressure angle regulating valve


ZJHSL Pneumatic High Pressure Angular Regulating Valve is a special valve developed for high pressure system in chemical industry and oil refining industry. The valve adopts single-seat up-guide plunger valve core, lens cushion valve seat structure and no upper valve cover separated valve body. It has the characteristics of smooth flow in the valve body cavity, low pressure drop loss and large flow rate. Separate valve body structure can provide convenient maintenance and replacement of valve seat on site. The special material and surface treatment of the core seat can greatly improve the air contact and erosion resistance of the valve, thereby improving the service life of the valve. The high pressure valve is an automatic control of the production process of high pressure system in chemical and oil refining plants. The preferred valve.

Specification model


Main technical parameters and performance indicators

Main technical parameters of executing agencies


○Main technical parameters of regulating mechanism


○performance index


○Allowable pressure difference


Note: 1. The allowable value of the standard combination in the table.

2. Delta P closes the valve for P2=0.

3. Allow Delta P not to exceed the allowable value of nominal pressure.

Material of main parts


Shape size


Note: the valve is PN32MPa ordinary upper cover.

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