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ZJHT pneumatic diaphragm control valve

ZJHT pneumatic diaphragm control valve


The pneumatic diaphragm control valve system is composed of two parts: a small multi-spring actuator and a diaphragm valve. The actuator has the characteristics of small size and light weight. The diaphragm valve has a smooth inner chamber of the valve body with a smooth flow passage. The diaphragm is an elastic element with a large flow rate. It plays the role of regulating, sealing and cutting off. It has no packing letter. The valve body can be lined with a variety of corrosion-resistant lining materials, and the diaphragm can be made of rubber and tetrafluoroethylene. Therefore, the product can be widely used in the adjustment of strong acid, alkali and corrosive media, as well as in the treatment of sewage with high viscosity, suspended substances and granular substances.

Specification model

Main technical parameters and performance indicators

Main technical parameters of adjusting mechanism

Flow characteristic curve: approximate alignment

Combination of valve body lining and diaphragm material

Actuator configuration and allowable pressure difference Delta P

I. gas close valve 100kPa

Ⅱ . Gas open valve 100kPa

Note: Delta P determines the basis: 1. valve closes P2=0; 2. allowable pressure difference Delta P must not exceed nominal pressure.

The digital indication valve in the black wire frame is equipped with standard specification actuator, which can reduce or increase the configuration of actuator according to the user's operating conditions.

Size and weight

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