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2/2 steam explosion proof solenoid valve

2/2 steam explosion proof solenoid valve


brief introduction

ZCZB15-100 series steam explosion-proof solenoid valves are suitable for automatic control system of pipelines in explosion-proof places of superheated gas and steam.

main features

1. ZCZB15-100 steam solenoid valve is a step by step direct acting structure, and the on-off valve must have differential pressure.

2. The electromagnetic head is separated from the lower parts by a radiator sleeve to reduce the influence of medium temperature on the electromagnetic head. The radiator is used to dissipate heat to ensure the safe use of the explosion-proof solenoid valve in the explosion-proof place.

3. The main valve adopts cylinder sleeve piston type structure, and the valve has long service life.

4, the piston ring uses special materials to ensure that the solenoid valve is flexible and reliable.

Main technical parameters

1. Nominal diameter: 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100mm

2, supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz

3, power: ZCZB15~50 50VA ZCZB65 to 10080 VA

4, work pressure: 0.1-0.8MPa

5. Suitable medium: steam and superheated gas.

6. Explosion proof grade: Ex D II CT3/CT4

6, medium temperature: less than 174 degrees centigrade

7. Ambient temperature: -20 C ~ +40 C

8, installation direction: electromagnetic head vertical upward.

9. Dirt medium: filters must be used.

10, protection level: IP65

11, connection: flange




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