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Working principle of solenoid valve for refrigeration

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Working principle of solenoid valve for refrigeration

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Refrigeration solenoid valve is used to control fluid automation infrastructure components direction, belonging to the actuator; commonly used in machinery and industrial control valves above, to control the direction of the medium, so as to achieve the control switch on the valve.

Refrigeration solenoid valve in a closed cavity, in different locations to open a hole, each hole leads to different pipeline, the middle valve chamber, both sides are two electromagnets, which face the magnet coils body will be attracted to which side, different discharge of oil through the control valve moves to block or leaking into the oil hole, and Kong Shichang Open the hydraulic oil into the discharge pipe will be different, then the oil pressure to push the piston cylinder, piston and piston rod, the piston rod drives the mechanical device. This controls the mechanical movement by controlling the current of the electromagnet. Only the solenoid valve is sealed with a magnetic force on the electric control valve separated from the magnetic core within the casing to complete there is no dynamic seal, so easy to block leakage.

Refrigeration electric torque control valve is not easy, prone to leakage, or even pull off the stem head; structure of the electromagnetic valve is easy to control leakage, until reduced to zero.

So, with the use of special safety valve of refrigeration, is especially suitable for corrosive, toxic or high temperature media. Solenoid valve itself is simple, the price is low, compared to other types of valve actuators easy installation and maintenance. What's more, the automatic control system is much simpler and the price is much lower. Because solenoid valve is switch signal control, it is very convenient to connect with industrial control computer. In today's era of computer popularization and price reduction, the advantage of solenoid valves for refrigeration is more obvious.

Solenoid valve for refrigeration

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