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Installation, usage and common problems of explosion proof solenoid valves

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Installation, usage and common problems of explosion proof solenoid valves

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1. Before installation, you should refer to the instructions for the use of the product and see if it meets your requirements - solenoid valve manufacturer.

2. Pipeline should be washed before use, and filters should be installed to prevent impurities from interfering with the normal operation of solenoid valves.

3. Solenoid valves generally work in one direction and can not be reversed. The arrows on the valves are the moving direction of the pipeline fluid and must be consistent.

4. Solenoid valve installation is generally horizontal, coil vertical upward, some products can be installed at will, but when conditions permit, the best vertical, in order to increase service life.

5. Solenoid valve should be treated heat-treatment or set up insulation measures when icy places are re worked.

6. After the connection of the lead-out wire (connector) of the electromagnetic coil is completed, it should be confirmed whether it is firm or not. The contacts of the connecting electrical components should not jitter, and the loosening will cause the solenoid valve not to work.

7, continuous production of solenoid valve, it is best to use bypass, easy to repair, do not affect production.

8. Solenoid valves after long-term shutdown should be easy to use after clearing the condensate; parts should be put in order before being restored to their original state when they are disassembled and washed.

The most common problem with solenoid coil is that it burns up due to improper use of voltage or time. Second, because of the poor quality of the coil itself, the contact between the internal coil and the outlet is not good, and then because of the frequent vibration or current through the junction point, the circuit breaks. The solution depends mainly on the products you use. If it is not a sealed or riveted one, it can be used as an exchange coil for AC contactors only. Otherwise, only the whole will change the total process.

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