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Daily maintenance and common sense of explosion-proof solenoid valves

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Daily maintenance and common sense of explosion-proof solenoid valves

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The frequency of breakdowns of solenoid valves in the production site is not much. The main breakdowns are mostly caused by the poor quality of control medium or control gas source of solenoid valves. Usually, the following situations inside solenoid valves are the reasons that hinder the normal operation and shorten the service life of solenoid valves: (1) the change of medium in use; (2) the nozzle. Rust; (3) Oil oxidation of air compressor, the generation of carbon tar and other impurities, mixed into pipelines, or pipelines with dust and dirt and other impurities, leading to air-controlled plugging of solenoid valve pilot valve or valve core jam; (4) solenoid valve coil long-term live and burnt out.

Therefore, periodic overhaul once or twice a year is the best way to ensure the reliability and longevity of solenoid valves. The following inspection and repair work should be done for solenoid valves by taking advantage of equipment outage opportunities: (1) The coil assembly of solenoid valves should not be disassembled. The main inspection method for coils is to measure the coil resistance value and to establish the original account, which is serious to the coil resistance value. Coils deviating from the standard of the same type solenoid valves should be replaced to avoid misoperation; (2) For the solenoid valves of ash removal system and steam turbine oil system, due to the operation environment or oil quality problems, the valve core is easy to jam, so periodic solenoid valves should be disassembled as a whole, and cleaned with kerosene, trichloroethylene and other solutions, but attention should be paid to rubber. It may melt up, so replace it.

It should also be noted here that solenoid valves are generally equipped with manual screw. When the solenoid valve needs to be tested or fails, it can be used to force the solenoid valve's moving core to change the working state of the valve. That is to say, when the solenoid valve coil is not charged, the solenoid valve air circuit is switched by the manual screw to make the control object open or close. However, if the manual switch is made, the manual screw of the solenoid valve must be switched to the "off" position. Otherwise, the solenoid valve will not be able to operate when the control device is switched to electric control. This principle is like a double-electronically controlled solenoid valve. If the open coil is charged, it is also impossible to operate the manual solenoid valve screw to open and close the solenoid valve - solenoid valve manufacturer.

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