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3/2 direct acting bidirectional explosion-proof solenoid valve

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3/2 direct acting bidirectional explosion-proof solenoid valve

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  • Release Date:2018/11/09
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brief introduction

This series of products is a direct-acting two-position three-way solenoid valve. Its design and appraisal conform to RCC-E, IEEE323, IEEE344, IEEE382, EJ/T standards. It is suitable for nuclear power plant and nuclear chemical industry control pipeline system with nuclear safety level requirements to control the connection, direction change and distribution of pipeline media. This kind of solenoid valve is also called the instrument solenoid valve in the industry.

main features

1. direct acting structure, zero pressure difference can be opened and closed normally, and the action reliability is high.

2. with manual device, manual operation can be realized under special conditions such as power failure and maintenance.

3. for vacuum applications, the vacuum can reach 1.33X10-7MPa.

4. all rubber parts can be used under high radioactive and temperature sudden environmental conditions.

5. High insulation level and high protection level: The insulation level of coil is H, and can meet the application of LOCA environment.

6. meet seismic applications.

Main technical parameters

1. security level: 1E/K1, K2, K3

2. aseismic categories: 1A

3. design pressure: 1.6MPa

4. design temperature: 100 C (max)

5. ambient temperature: -20 ~ +80 C

6. working medium: water, gas, oil, etc.

7. supply voltage: AC/DC24V 48V 110V 220V 380V and so on.

8. rated power: 15W (max)

9. working system: long term

10. response time: less than 2S

11. protection level: IP65

12. electrical interface: Cable crimping, cable outer diameter: 9.5 0.5mm

13. installation direction: arbitrary

14. fouling medium: 14um filter.

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