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The principle of solenoid valve and its application in engineering design

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The principle of solenoid valve and its application in engineering design

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Solenoid valves are widely used in industrial production, especially in petrochemical industry. It can be used for switching control of water, air, neutral gas and other gases and liquids suitable for solenoid valve material, and also as an indispensable part of safety interlocking protection system.

The solenoid valve is composed of electromagnetic components and valve bodies. The electromagnetic component is composed of fixed iron core, moving iron core, coil and other components; the valve body is composed of sliding valve core, sliding valve sleeve, spring base, etc. When the coil is on or off, the operation of the magnetic core will cause the fluid to pass through the valve body or cut off to switch or change the direction of the fluid. The solenoid valves used in the safety interlocking protection system are mainly two three-way, two four-way and two five-way. The meaning of two-way is that the solenoid valve is live or dead, and the valve under control is open or closed.

The two-position three-way solenoid valve is composed of valve body, valve cover, electromagnetic component, spring and sealing structure. The sealing block at the bottom of the moving iron core closes the valve body inlet with the help of spring pressure. When power is available, coil excitation, electromagnet suction, sealing block with spring on the upper part of moving core closes the outlet, air flow enters the valve from the air port to play a controlling role; when power is lost, electromagnetic force disappears, moving core moves downward from the fixed iron core under the action of spring force, opening the exhaust port, blocking the air inlet, and the valve loses air. Changing switch state.

The principle of two four-way solenoid valve and five-way solenoid valve is the same, except that four-way solenoid valve has one exhaust port and five-way solenoid valve has two exhaust ports. Their working principle: when the current passes through the coil, it generates excitation, fixes the core and pulls the core together, and moves the core to drive the spool and compress the spring, which changes the position of the spool, thus changing the direction of the fluid; when the coil loses power, the spool is driven by the spring's elasticity, and the core is pushed back to make the fluid. Rest assured that the original flow.

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