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High pressure solenoid valve

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High pressure solenoid valve

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brief introduction

This series of products are pilot solenoid valves, which are designed and identified in accordance with ASME, RCC-M, RCC-E, IEEE323, IEEE344 and IEEE382 standards, and have been successfully applied in the fuel delivery system of high temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power project. Because of its small size, light weight, high pressure resistance, flexible and reliable operation, the product is suitable for nuclear power plants and nuclear chemical industry pipeline systems with nuclear safety requirements.

main features

1. all rubber parts can be used under high radioactive and temperature sudden environmental conditions.

2. High insulation level and high protection level: The insulation level of coil is H level, and can meet the application of LOCA environment.

3. High corrosion resistance: All materials and surface materials in contact with the medium are stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and can be adapted to land, sea and some special environment and medium conditions.

4. meet seismic applications.

Main technical parameters

1. valve safety grade: nuclear 1, 2, 3

2. electrical safety grade: 1E/K1, K2, K3

3. aseismic categories: 1A

4. pressure level: 900Lb

5. design pressure: 10.0MPa

6. design temperature: 100 C

7. working temperature: +5 ~ 55 C

8. working medium: helium, nitrogen, etc.

9. supply voltage: AC/DC24V 48V 110V 220V 380V and so on.

10. rated power: 20W

11. working system: long term

12. response time: less than 2S

13. protection level: IP65

14. electrical interface: NPT3/4 ", outer diameter of cable: 10.5 + 0.5mm

15. installation direction: electromagnetic head is vertical upward.

16. body material: stainless steel.

17. connection mode: welding (ASME B16.25)




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