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2/2 turn on the valve.

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2/2 turn on the valve.

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brief introduction

The solenoid valve adopts a pilot two-position two-way valve, whose opening valve is driven indirectly by electromagnetic force and self-locking; the valve is closed manually. Medium pressure medium control can be realized in pipeline and applied to medium pressure liquid system pipeline.

main features

1. The solenoid valve adopts the structure of electric switch-on and hand-off. After opening, the power can be cut off, and the opening position of the solenoid valve can be maintained, which can save energy.

2. Small size and small power.

Main technical parameters

1. Suitable medium: liquid neutral fluid medium.

2, medium temperature: +5 ~ +80 C

3. Ambient temperature: +5 ~ +60 C

4, supply voltage: AC/DC24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, 220V

5, protection level: IP54



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