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Explosion proof solenoid valve for 4/3 refrigeration

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Explosion proof solenoid valve for 4/3 refrigeration

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  • Release Date:2018/11/07
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brief introduction

This series of explosion-proof products are three-way four-way solenoid valves manufactured for importing foreign technology. A four-group direct-acting solenoid head controlled multi-way solenoid valve is adopted. Equivalent to the use function of two double-electronically controlled two-position three-way solenoid valves or four two-position two-way direct-acting solenoid valves. This product is small, flexible and reliable, and has a long service life. It is widely used in fluid automatic control system and explosion environment.

main features

1, 0 to 2.5MPa differential pressure switch valve can be realized.

2. Accurate positioning of cylinder piston can be controlled.

3, any installation location can be realized.

Main technical parameters

1. Applicable medium: liquid and gaseous fluid medium.

2, medium temperature: -20 ~ +60 C

3. Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +40 C

4, installation position: electromagnetic head vertical upward.

5. Body material: 2A12

6. Explosion proof grade: Ex D II BT4, Ex D II CT4

7, protection level: IP65



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