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Precautions for explosion-proof solenoid valve products

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Precautions for explosion-proof solenoid valve products

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    Explosion-proof solenoid valve products are used in a special range. In explosive environment, the working requirements and points for attention of the solenoid valve products, users need to pay attention to when using them. In actual operation, users may cause some faults of explosion-proof solenoid valve products because of non-standard operation. It will bring unnecessary losses to users, so we can pay attention to the following points to the work of explosion-proof solenoid valve products.


1. Before installation, we should pay attention to the product label, read the instructions carefully, and judge whether the product meets the use conditions.

2. The working medium of explosion-proof solenoid valve should be clean without particle impurities. The dirt and filters on the inner surface of explosion-proof solenoid valve should be cleaned regularly.

3. Installation of explosion-proof solenoid valve coil upward, and maintain a vertical position, arrows or markings on solenoid valve should be in line with the flow direction of the pipeline, and should not be installed in splashing or leaking places.

4. In the pipeline system, the diameter of the explosion-proof solenoid valve installed on the branch should be smaller than that of the main pipe valve.

5, before installing the explosion-proof solenoid valve, the pipeline must be cleaned. It is recommended to install filters in front of valves and install steam traps in steam pipes.

6. The valve should not be installed in the low concave of the pipeline, so as not to hinder the operation because of the precipitation of steam condensate and impurities in the valve.

7. A pressure gauge should be installed on the front and rear pipes of the solenoid valve to observe the pressure of the pipeline.

8. In the case of insufficient rigidity of pipeline, it is suggested to fix the pipe in front of valve with bracket to avoid vibration caused by explosion-proof solenoid valve when working.

9. When the explosion-proof solenoid valve fails, in order to isolate the explosion-proof solenoid valve in time and ensure the normal operation of the system, it is better to install bypass devices.

Correct installation of explosion-proof solenoid valve products will have a certain impact on the efficiency and stability of the product, so users can check the explosion-proof solenoid valve and the whole conveying equipment system once the installation is completed.

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