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Electromagnetic actuator

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Electromagnetic actuator

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brief introduction

DCQD-370 electromagnetic driver is a special equipment for the parking and resetting system of PWR nuclear power plant's pneumatic auxiliary feed water pump. The design and identification of the driver conform to RCC-E, IEEE323, IEEE344, IEEE382 and EJ/T standards. The product is solenoid electromagnet structure, which is suitable for places requiring fast driving in automatic control system.

main features

1. the design is compact and reasonable, with straight stroke and easy operation.

2., we can expand the products to meet all kinds of thrust requirements.

3. High corrosion resistance: All materials and surface materials in contact with medium are stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and adaptability.

Land, sea and some special environments and media conditions.

4. flexible and reliable operation, convenient replacement and maintenance, long service life.

Main technical parameters

1. security level: 1E/ K3

2. aseismic grade: 1A

3. rated travel: 50mm

4. rated thrust: greater than 370N (voltage DC88V, stroke 30mm)

5. rated voltage: DC110V

6. rated power: 190W

7. maximum current: 11.5A

8. ambient temperature: 5~50 C

9. relative humidity: 100%

10. working system: intermittent (repeated short time)

11. insulation class: H

12. protection level: IP65

13. electrical interface: NPT3/4 ", outer diameter of cable: 10.5 + 0.5mm

14. main material: stainless steel




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