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Specification of explosion-proof solenoid valve coil

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Specification of explosion-proof solenoid valve coil

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The explosion-proof solenoid valve explosion proof type of Anshan solenoid valve Co., Ltd. can be divided into five categories:

1. Safety-increasing type: Arc, spark and low-risk temperature will not occur during normal operation, and the pace of maintenance will be further accepted in the structure, and the safety and reliability of equipment arrangement will be improved.

2. Intrinsically safe type: The electric sparks and thermal effects incubated under normal conditions or the defective patterns of rules can not extinguish explosive obfuscation under the premise of setting the external circuit of equipment.

3. Positive pressure type: insist that the pressure of external maintenance gas is higher than the surrounding pressure so as to avoid explosive obfuscation entering the shell or sufficient maintenance gas passing through the shell, so as to reduce the concentration of external explosive obfuscation below the explosive upper limit.

4. Pouring and sealing type: It will probably incubate arc, spark or low temperature local pouring and sealing to extinguish explosive confusion, so that it can not extinguish explosive confusion around.

5. Flameproof type: When the equipment is in normal operation, the parts that can generate spark arc are placed in the flameproof shell. The flameproof shell can accept the external explosive pressure without damage, and can guarantee the energy reduction of the flame gas flowing through the gap, lacking of gas to ignite the outside of the shell.


Explosion-proof solenoid valve coil specification type function:

The flameproof solenoid valve of Anshan Solenoid Valve Co., Ltd. adopts flameproof coil to enclose all parts of the equipment that may ignite explosive gas mixture in a shell. The shell can withstand the flammable mixture penetrating into the inner shell through any joint surface or structural clearance of the shell without damage, and It will not cause the ignition of the explosive environment formed by one or more gases or vapors outside. Parts that may produce sparks, arcs and dangerous temperatures are put into the flameproof housing, which separates the internal space of the equipment from the surrounding environment.

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